Science has proved it: houseplants make us happier and healthier.

When studies tell us that plants can purify the air, lift our mood, and reduce our stress levels, we have every reason to fill our homes with wonderful, happiness-inducing plants of every shape, size, and color.
With so many different varieties offered, there is a plant—or twenty—to suit everyone: elegant, blossoming orchids; tiny little cacti and succulents; delicate trailing plants; floor-standing palms and foliage plants … the list goes on and on.

It’s hard to resist the urge to simply fill any and every available surface with a random assortment of greenery, but the best houseplant displays are those that go one step further : astute, curated courses of action that can make a state of mind inside a house, be it a comfortable little desert spring or an emotional, engineering plant show.

As much as we may want to, we can’t all turn our homes into a full-scale botanical garden.
Instead, we need to be a little more inventive.

Poor light? Look for unfussy foliage plants, such as cast iron plants or snake plants, that can survive in a shadier spot.

No free surface space?

Plant up a smaller than normal nursery inside a glass terrarium, or go hard and fast and make a hanging garden with macramé grower and kokedama.
And, once you’ve designed your plant-filled home, how exactly do you keep the plants in peak condition? With this book, you’ll be able to care for whichever plants you choose, keep them healthy and strong, and take cuttings to share with friends and family (or to grow your own collection).

Treat your plants well and, no matter how large or small your collection, you’ll be rewarded with an indoor garden you can enjoy for years to come.

How you choose to design your houseplant collection depends on your personal style, imagination, and the space you have available.

With so many variables, the possibilities are almost endless.

But for your displays to be successful, follow these key principles.