Tips for Successful Canning : Savor the Taste of Summer Year Round

Tips for Successful Canning

Savor the Taste of Summer Year Round

Summer is the best time to indulge in juicy fruits and crisp veggies (Tips for Successful Canning) .

Whether you purchase them from earthy stands at farmers markets, pull them from colorful displays at grocery stores or pick them fresh from your garden, it’s easy to end up with more produce than you need.

That’s not a problem with Taste of Home Jams, Jellies, Pickles & More! After all, this delightful collection helps you preserve summer flavor for year-round enjoyment. If you’ve never canned or preserved before, the step-by-step

directions found here make it a breeze. If you’re an experienced canner, you’ll delight in these finger-licking recipes, handy tips and gorgeous photos.

So what are you waiting for?

Let’s get canning and preserving today!

Tips for Successful Canning

This article focuses on hot water bath canning, which is used to process high-acid foods such as tomatoes, fruits, pickles, jams and other preserves. Remember these tips when canning :


and vegetables when they are at the peak of their quality and flavor, and wash them thoroughly before using.


for each recipe exactly—don’t substitute ingredients or change processing times. Prepare only one recipe at a time; do not double recipes.


if you don’t have a rack specifically made for canning. Place rack in the canner before you add the canning jars.

USE A CANNING FUNNEL (Tips for Successful Canning)

that has a wide opening and sits on the inside of the mouth of the jar, allowing you to fill jars cleanly and easily.

Wipe the threads and rim of each jar to remove any food that spills.


if they are not warped or rusty. Jar lids are not reusable, however, so use a new one for each of your canned creations.


the headspace—the distance between the top of the jar and the food/liquid. This is critical because it affects how well the jar seals and preserves its contents. A clear plastic ruler—kept solely for kitchen use—is a big help in determining the correct headspace.

REFRIGERATE ANY LEFTOVERS (Tips for Successful Canning)

that won’t completely fill another jar. Use the leftovers within the next few days.


when removing air bubbles from the jar and measuring headspace.

STORE HOME-CANNED FOODS (Tips for Successful Canning)

in your cupboard for up to one year.